"Into Thin Hair" A Women's Hair Loss Support Group

You are not alone! We understand thinning hair and hair loss struggles!

The Hair Loss Workshop in Orlando for Medical Professionals is on Thursday May 15th.  We have a short link to view the workshop invitation.  Please share the workshop invitation link with your doctor:




- Pros and Cons of Traditional and compounded topical and oral medical therapies for hair loss

- Use of cell therapy, including Platelet Rich Plasma, Growth Factors and Stem Cells


- Role of Hormones and Hair Loss


- Beneficial and detrimental Nutritional Supplements


- Mechanism and benefits of Laser and Light-based protocols on hair follicle physiology

The author and presenter is hair restoration surgeon, Dr. Alan J. Bauman.  We'd like to thank you for sharing the workshop invitation link with your doctor and hope they can join Dr. Bauman in Orlando.


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