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You are not alone! We understand thinning hair and hair loss struggles!

Friends - will you please share this link with your doctor? Medical Management of Hair Loss Workshop - May 15th in Orlando, FL - Medical Professionals invited by Dr. Alan Bauman, Hair Transplant Surgeon. For full details visit http://news.a4m.com/issues/20140319/hair.html

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This is a great opportunity for more medical professionals to learn more about effective hair loss treatments - we just need to get the word out and a recommendation from a patient is a great way to let them know of this important topic.  Any "spreading of the word" to your doctors about this event is appreciated!


Oops - correction - the Hair Loss Workshop in Orlando for Medical Professionals is on Thursday May 15th - our apologies for the date error.  Also, we now have a new simpler and shorter web site address for you to share with your doctor:



- Pros and Cons of Traditional and compounded topical and oral medical therapies for hair loss

- Use of cell therapy, including Platelet Rich Plasma, Growth Factors and Stem Cells

- Role of Hormones and Hair Loss

- Beneficial and detrimental Nutritional Supplements

- Mechanism and benefits of Laser and Light-based protocols on hair follicle physiology

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