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Hi Dr. B. and Linda,

I want to let everyone know about my continued success in the "care and feeding" of my transplanted hair.

I am now using the liquid Minoxi6 in the am and and the spray 7% in the pm.  I take Propecia, Viviscal and Biotin every morning.  But the best of all is my treasured Laser Cap.  For two years prior to using the Laser Cap, I came to your office and used your laser machine when were in FL and used the hand-held laser during the summer in NJ.

The Laser Cap has changed my life.  It is "hands-free". I can wear the cap anywhere, put on a hat and just go. Because it is hands-free, I no longer have to strain my arms holding the hand held laser and I am more likely to follow my regimen. Plus, the cap covers all the loss areas at once.  30 minutes every other day and I'm good to go. 

I would like you to tell everyone on this blog about the difference in my hair growth, thickness and texture since I had the test in your office in May of last year and then in December of last year.  I know you were pleased, but no one is more pleased than I am.

David and I are working on a short video of me and my Laser Cap just to show everyone how wonderful it is.

I will never be able to thank you,Linda, Liz and your great team enough for your wonderful support.  You and they are remarkable!!!!

Thank you, thank you!!!!!!





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Comment by LINDA FIORITO on March 6, 2011 at 2:06pm

Joan, so happy to hear from you..  and even more happy to hear your wonderful results with our

Laser Cap.   I am experiencing the same things, thickness and an overall different texture to my hair.   The good news is that i see less and less scalp.   And the joy of sitting at my computer in the privacy of my own home typing and doing my treatment... We love you too Joan.....and appreciate your feedback and look forward to your Video.....Linda

Comment by Dr. Alan J. Bauman on May 23, 2011 at 4:52pm
We are glad that you are seeing the results of the combination treatment.  I just watched your video of you using the LaserCap on your vacation... wow, great!  It just goes to show how portable and convenient the LaserCap is!  You'll have to post it on YouTube, LOL!  Regards, Dr. B.


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